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RE: Miracle size for gum

Just to add to the milieu of PVA sizing products being discussed, could
Golden Acrylic Medium Matt be used as a sizing medium? This product may have
been discussed previously on the list though I can't recall when or what
context. I do seem to recall that Michael Mutmanski may have used the glossy
version - diluted, to impart a slight gloss to palladium prints.


I believe Dick Sullivan has been using this product to size paper for carbon
transfers. When I visited him at the Carbon Works in August '08 he showed me
samples of carbon transfer prints made on Lenox  paper that was sized with
Golden Acrylic Medium.

The product obviously worked but looked slightly dull for a carbon transfer,
however based on Marek's experimentation with the different dilutions of
Gamblin PVA perhaps a more optimum dilution could be determined for the
Golden product. 

Don Bryant