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Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 00:29:41 -0700 (PDT)
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Hello from Nabble,

We noticed that some of you are concerned about Nabble users being able to
post to this list without subscription, so I would like to explain why this
is so, and what are the possible changes we can make at Nabble.

We actually have two ways to send posts to a list:

1. Aks our Nabble users to subscribe to the list, before they can post. Then
the post is sent to the list using this user real email address in the From
header, so the list owner retains full control over who is subscribed, and
can block unwanted posters.

2. Use a shared address, in the From header. We still add
the real user email in the Reply-To, and in a custom X-Nabble-From header.

For lists that have a "nomail" option (i.e., one can stop receiving emails
from the list but remain a subscriber), we always force our users to
subscribe, and then allow them to set this nomail setting easily, since they
read the lists posts using the Nabble web interface and prefer not to
receive all those posts again by email.

For lists that do not have a "nomail" option, such as the alt-photo-process
list, the default is to use the shared address when
posting, because users can't opt out of receiving list emails otherwise.

If you prefer, we can set your list to always require subscription, even
though it will inconvenience users who prefer a web interface or do not have
a permanent interest to receive all list email. Just let us know.

I would also want to point out that when somebody registers at Nabble, we do
verify their email, so it is not really an anonymous posting. Also posts at
Nabble can be rated, and if somebody's posts are consistently rated low, we
would stop sending their posts to lists using the shared
address (they can still post using their real address, which the list owner
can decide to block).

Tomislav Gountchev

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