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Re: "evidence tampering"

> My question, which I figure some of the digital mavens around
> here would know, is, can you see by examining a jpeg (or digital camera
> file) if that's been altered as apparently you can with video?

If done correctly?  Absolutely not. :)

> I would assume if it's been saved in a different format, editing would
> not be detectable. But if it were saved in the same jpeg format ????

I would suggest staying the hell away from jpeg if you have any intention
of making a print (or any other reproduction...or in general).  Jpeg is a
lossy format, which means that every time you save as a jpeg the
compression throws away data.   If you were to save the modified jpeg as a
tiff, png, or any other lossless format, you wouldn't lose any information
and could (in theory) get away with it.

Camden Hardy