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Re: Threaded Coating Rod

BTW, the threaded stainless rods from RD Specialities are not all that
expensive. However, if you just wanted to try this method of sizing out to
see if it works I would recommend one of the common cheap zinc coated ones
and give it a couple of coats of Rust resistant paint.

In theory, it would not nurt to smooth the edges of the rods down a bit,
but in fact I have never had a problem with the edges cutting into the


> A threaded stud might benefit from having the thread edges smoothed a
> bit since some of them are fairly sharp and could possible scratch the
> paper. A wire-wound rod would be better in this respect.
> Stainless bolts (you'd have to cut off the hex end) and studs are
> available if you have a "nuts and bolts" specialty house in your area.
> I speak as a former import auto mechanic who has the battle scars to
> prove the above. ;^)
> Hope this helps,
> Dan
> Sandy King wrote on 10/3/06, 11:14 AM:
>  > Yes, I mean a regular rod that a nut would screw on. And you can pick
>  > them up almost anywhere so if anyone is interested in try one in lieu
>  > of a glass rod it would be inexpensive to do so.
>  >
>  > The wire wound rod is another type of coating technology but offers
>  > no advantages for sizing paper so far as I see.
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