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Re: polymer plate drying time


I remove the Mylar and dust with talc (screen and positive). I have a 33x43" vacuum frame with glass, get 22in Hg and I leave it for at least 3 minutes before exposure. I tried Susan's foamcore window treatment and it just did not work for me. I have a ribbed bed to the frame which causes problems with platinum prints, so I have a sheet of black plastic 1/32" thick.

You use an anti-static spray regularly don't you? I clean the glass with a non-ammonia, non-alcohol based cleaner, but no anti-static spray. I also use Pictorico on a roll (never sheets) with an Epson 4000. I do have a 2200 that I use infrequently with sheet Pictorico, but not for gravure - usually small platinums. I dry the OHP in the film drying cabinet for 20-30mins low heat prior to use.

I'm just throwing out things here that you may recognise as being different from your setup.


On Mar 16, 2007, at 9:52 PM, Jon Lybrook wrote:

Sounds like it's working for you the way it should be for everyone.
Have you found problems with blotting face down?

I'm in Colorado, and we're as dry as can be here. I'm convinced my problem is taking place during the exposure of the positive, not during blotting in any case.

I assume you're removing the mylar on the KM73 before exposure and have a vacuum frame with glass. What kind of pressure are you getting and how much drawdown time are you doing prior to exposure?

Sorry if you've already outlined your procedure in other postings. I'd love for things to work as easily for me as they seem to be for you!