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Pagemaker sucked from the beginning, always dropping work, graphic alignments, and other nasty stuff (I think I was using Ready, Set, Go at the time). When Framemaker arrived, I felt I'd landed in heaven. True, markup is a drag, but I could do indexing, change styles on the fly, create long books and manuals without loss of data at any time.

As to Adobe and Framemaker, when they bought Framemaker's owner (too long ago to remember the particulars), I begged them not to wreck Framemaker. Three years ago I begged Adobe to not kill the Mac version. I think those are the only two things I've ever requested of Adobe. At least they didn't wreck it.


Judy Seigel wrote:


On the bright side, the Pagemaker word processor is excellent, does everything MSW 5.1 did, & right there in the file for laying out, no need to import. Framemaker, however, was a fraud... I understand that the new version *is* compatible with old PM files, but the early version wasn't, being Ingeniously Designed (abbreviated as "In Design) so that an existing Pagemaker file would be impossible to fit -- say a column would come out 2-1/2 lines too long, or a rule would go right through the line it was supposed to underscore...And In Design lacked the delicate controls to fix/adjust that (let alone fine tune/nuance rules, et al, as PM did). IMO it was deliberate, to orphan Pagemaker.


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