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Re: Why did Nadeau bug Echague re the Fresson secrets??

On May 23, 2007, at 3:51 PM, Dave Soemarko wrote:

was meant to be a joke.
And so taken.

But what you said about us as a group is also true. We seldom think of it
that way, but when I think of it now, I have known some of these people for
nearly or over a decade! That is long. And being on the list all this time,
we have gone through many years together, so whether we have debated or
argued or shouted to each other before, those are even vague in memory now.
Some special kind of friendship remains through the years though.


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Dave, I knew what you meant about us maturing as a group,  in
fact I was thinking the same thing about myself the other day
when someone brought up the Zimmerman article and I couldn't
remember whether I'd ever tried to replicate it or not. I
would have thought I I had, but if I had I would have
reported to the list, and searching the archives with my name
and "Zimmerman" didn't bring up anything.  So, it's a mystery to me.

  It reminds me in a way of one of my favorite cartoons,
picturing two elderly women sitting on a park bench; one of
them says to the other "Was I the smart one and you were the
pretty one, or was it the other way around?"  It all kind of
stops mattering after a certain point.  :--) Katharine

On May 23, 2007, at 10:22 AM, Dave Soemarko wrote:

Time flies, doesn't it? I recently sent something to Judy,


I promised to send but for the reason of moving/job change

didn't get

to do it. When she received it, she has forgotten what it was for.

We are all getting, mmmm, let's say more mature, aren't we?   :)

That was a general comment on how I felt time has passed. I didn't
mean to say specifically about  Judy or that she is forgetful. What
happened was I promised something but then didn't send it

for about 6