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Re: The Woodburytype and Stannotype Processes

From memory, (was this already said?) there is a Woodburytype press at Arizona State University, correct? Isn't it a guy named James Hajicek there? I thought that they got the press for free if they would actually set it up and use it, and they built a special room for it. But this is from memory years ago.
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Absolutely Cor. That is who they were and you're correct in
regard to the pressure. You'll remember that lovely purplish
warm color and the dimensional quality, ever so slight, of
the sample(s). Really nice, and typical enthusiastic Dutch,
fellows. I'll bet that somewhere in all my now well buried
notes I have their names. But, somehow, I had felt they were
on the way to finding out how to do it.
Well I can fill you in on that: a couple of years later I followed a
course on Alt. Photo determination, taught by Jan van Dijk, on of the 2
guys. He confirmed abandoning their efforts on Woodburytype..