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Re: slightly OT - dry prints

On 30 mei 2007, at 2:54, Catherine Rogers wrote:

Thanks Henk - most interesting. Even more things to try.
Could you explain what Awagami unryu is,

a very thin japanese rice paper ( with rabbit glue sticked to thin used aluminium offset sheets and coated again with rabbit glue , next trough a A3 epson 1270 filled with pigment ink ... you will be astonished about the results .. :-)

and what you mean by transfers from inkjet?

using prepared polyester sheets (digital negs) as a carrier for the inkjet print, one can transfer the inkjet print to an aquarel paper.

And is rabbit glue something that you are able to buy relatively easily?

oh yes, it is made out of skin and/or bones from rabbits , and still used by restaurateurs and artists; and believe me, readily made glue from the shelve is not the way to go.

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Hi, if you coat the papers you normally use for p.e. gum printing like magnani, fabriano, hahnemuehle etc. , with rabbit glue, you would be astonished about the results with pigment ink in the epson-1270-cartridges. Even Awagami unryu prepared for inkjet printing, the results are astonishing ...
And don't forget transfers from inkjet to a 300 grs aqua-paper.
It is all in the game.