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RE: Galleries & Museums in New York City

On Fri, 17 Aug 2007, Doug Wade wrote:

... from the New York Sun:

I looked into it a bit more and the relationship between the city and the
museum is fairly complex - the city owns the building and land, the
nonprofit holds the art in trust.   (etc.)
Actually Doug, my first reaction was if the NY Sun tells me the pope is Catholic, I want to see his baptism papers... I say this from personal experience, having for instance been interviewed by the Sun on a local issue, which it honored by printing its own calculated fantasy (for which it has a reputation).

However, it also has a pretty good reputation in matters of art (albeit afaik only in art)... So, with the point thus brought into focus I noticed an item in the Museum's just-arrived calendar, not noticed before (tho maybe they just printed it because they knew we were having this discussion?). So it looks like you & Sun are right. Here's the item, courtesy of Sep/Oct '07 Met Museum Calendar, page 27:

A Grateful Acknowledgment [my abbreviations]

To the City:

For more than a century the City of NY and the trustees of the Met Musm of
Art have been partners in bringing the Museum's services to the public. The complex of bldgs in Central Park is the property of the City, & the City provides for the Museum's heat, light, & power. The City also provides funds toward the costs of maintenance and security of the facility and its collections. The collections themelves are held in trust by the trustees. The trustees, in turn are responsible for meeting all expenses connected with conservation, education, special exhibitions, acquisitions, scholarly publications & related activities, including security costs not covered by the City.

to Lila Acheson Wallace:

With great esteem & gratitude the Museum acknowledges her continuing, vital support. Visitor Services is supported by the L.A. W. fund for the Met. Mus'm of Art, established by the cofounder of Reader's Digest.

To the State:

The State of NY provides generous annual support toward the Museum's operating expenses.

To the late Ruth Lapham Lloyd:

Her generosity assures ...public hrs on Friday evenings.

To the Wm H. Kearns Foundation:

For its support, in part, of Sat. PM hours.

Aid from these sources, combined with the generosity of our many visitors & friends, helps the Metropolitan Musm serve the public in accordance with its traditional standards of excellence.