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Re: my first two gum prints

Charles, you ask for advice? Forget everything else and do gum. "Little Sister" especially is smashing, a wonderful "shot," wonderfully printed.

When you say "three color," do you mean color separations from a color negative? My personal response to the 2nd gum print is that I can't tell well enough from the monitor whether the hat needs more "detail" or not -- on the monitor the scale may be enough smaller so it doesn't need it. If you do want more detail, you can always lay a heavy "mask" around the hat in gum arabic, let dry, recoat and expose under the negative until it prints detail -- assuming there's detail in the negative.

(The mask is so you can coat freely, without that "pulled" or drawn effect you get trying to fill emulsion into a given area. Tho with digital negs it might be just as easy to run off a negative of only the hat, the rest blacked out.)

Otherwise, my sense of the 2nd image (on the monitor-- maybe just my monitor) is that it needs some cool tone(s), somewhere or everywhere, being too yellow-orange to fully satisfy. But again it's not clear to me what you mean by "3 color."

meanwhile, congratulations. The first is beautiful, the 2nd almost beautiful.


I would appreciate any advice, but especially what to do about the total lack of texture in the woman's hat and sleeve. Do you think my curves need adjusting? Should I go back to the orginal, burn in the hat and reprint the negatives?.
By the way, this is three color, unsized Fabriano Aristico.
Charles Portland OR