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Re: Paper Negative Details

Hi Katharine,

I don't know if it will help, but a pack of Epson Photo Quality Inkjet Paper
that I have here, has the Epson stock number S041079. This is the A2 size
and is pretty standard 27lb matte finish photo paper.

The original HP paper that I began to make negatives with has the number
HP51634Y and is called HP Premium Inkjet Paper, also a matte finish coated
paper. I don't know if it's available any more either. I did buy some
somewhere that had the same stock number, but it had a different working
characteristic. I dug a little deeper and it appears that HP had switched to
a different factory or supplier.

I'd provide the numbers for some of the other papers I've tried but
unfortunately all of that stuff is packed right now.

I have found that the same rules apply to these types of papers as the art
papers, only more so. The manufacturers will change things willy-nilly and
not say. So if you find something that works for you, stock up on it. I have
some pretty thick stacks of paper around here so I've kind of dug in my
heels for a while before I need to go on the prowl again.

The positive side of needing to experiment to find something that works is
that you will always have plenty of utility paper for regular printing. :-)


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> Andrea, I wish I'd had your advice before I went to Office Max
> yesterday, but then I guess I didn't  know before I went that they'd
> stopped carrying Epson Photo Quality Inkjet paper, which as I've said
> has been my paper of choice for years.  I bought HP Color Inkjet
> paper,  which I found out this morning doesn't work for beans; I'll
> take it back and try to trade it in on some some HP Premium on the
> basis of your recommendation.
> Katharine