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RE: Sury & Misonne

On Tue, 1 Jan 2008, Dave S wrote:

PS. If someone has a...  I forget what you call them, a
program that scans and converts to text-- and others are
interested I can copy these pages on printing the
above-mentioned Sury process & mail to him or her tp put on a
website....( unless that's already been done?)

That is OCR. I have the software. If you have a scanner, you can just scan
the pages and email them to me, and the OCR software can use the scans too;
otherwise you can xerox and mail them to me. I have a  place to put on a
website too.
Dave, I do have a scanner but there is no way on this earth I could make it scan this humongous book, which would lie on the bed like a crippled bowling ball... In fact this scanner is so temperamental it won't scan if there's too much -- or too little -- white space around the image, and gives grief if the object is more than 2 pages thick. I hang onto it however, because (besides simple inertia) most things I need to scan are flat & it's got a very large bed which comes in extremely handy.

However, I also have a photo copier that's quite patient about that sort of abuse, so I'll see if I can make some decent b&w copies & mail them to you. And, altho the material cited stretches through 4 pages (scattered) I'll try to include the 5th because it cuts off in the middle of an item on Ozobromoil & I wouldn't want to leave you in suspense...

To be continued... (But sorry, there are no ladies in deshabille in this section.)


If you scan, please use about 200dpi and BLACK AND WHITE mode, otherwise the
file is going to be huge!