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RE: Sury & Misonne

> Dave, I do have a scanner but there is no way on this earth I 
> could make it scan this humongous book, which would lie on 
> the bed like a crippled bowling ball... In fact this scanner 
> is so temperamental it won't scan if there's too much -- or 
> too little -- white space around the image, and gives grief 
> if the object is more than 2 pages thick.  I hang onto it 
> however, because (besides simple inertia) most things I need 
> to scan are flat & it's got a very large bed which comes in 
> extremely handy.


Whatever is most convenient for you is fine. Of course, you could try
xeroxing and then scanning the xeroxed copy; but plain mail is fine too. I
don't know if you have my latest address. I will email it to you offlist.