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Re: Measuring DMAX

On Jan 15, 2008, at 8:20 PM, Marek Matusz wrote:

Thnaks for all the pointers and discussion. Vuescan approach works great with my outdated hp4770 scanner. I checked with my 18% grey card wich gave correct reading. I got 0.7 to 0.75 with average of 0.72, versus calculated of 0.74 for the 18% grey card (caculated - log(0.18)=0.744)).
I should say that googling the topic send me on a wild goose chase. What a valuable resource the list turns out to be. I also appreciate the discussion that follows.
I had the same experience when I was interested in this question a year ago or so; the list archives and google just sent me around and around and around in circles without giving me any good answers. I finally figured out something on my own that seemed to work, using a densitometer and a Stouffer reflection step tablet and Photoshop.