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Re: Measuring DMAX

On Jan 15, 2008, at 12:46 AM, Kees Brandenburg wrote:

Hi Marek,

Vuescan <http://www.hamrick.com> can do that. First check the 'Enable Density Display' option in preferences. Then point your mouse to a location in the scan/preview window and hold the control key. Vuescan displays the log density readings of the raw scan. These readings are not altered by your scanner settings or profile.
Kees, I get three density numbers at any given point whether the image is in color or black and white. Is it reading three color densities for each point, or what? I can't see any particular relationship between the density readings and the 0-255 readings from the same coordinates (that you get when you stop depressing the control key). Is there any way to get one density reading for a point?