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Re: Mac OS X Leopard (Re: new problem)

Hi Diana,

I'm a bit confused. Why would you assign any serious printing to a lowest common denominator application like Preview? Can't you print from Gimp? Between Gimp and Preview, it would seem you've handicapped yourself and introduced the potential for problems. I'm not trying to be critical, just outlining some things that might be giving you grief. I can't speak to why you might have had good results with this combo in Tiger, but I'm not having any 3800 problems printing from Photoshop with Leopard so I'm at a loss.

I just printed a .psd file from Preview (there's a first time for everything) and it printed exactly as it appeared in the preview box (in the print dialog). True, you will not get professional-level image scaling in Preview but one can easily make it fit any page size you specify. My image printed exactly centered. Maybe I'm just lucky or something.

Sorry for not being able to help; maybe someone else who uses Gimp and Preview can chime-in with suggestions.



On Feb 6, 2008, at 5:40 PM, Diana Bloomfield wrote:

Okay, quickly-- I just went through this. I picked a print out and made it an 11x14 size in the GIMP. I then took the image out of GIMP, and opened this same (now set to 11x14) image in Preview. When I hit print, "page set-up" does not come up, but the print dialog box does. If I'm remembering correctly, I used to get this "page set-up" box before hitting "print." Well, I don't get that anymore. At any rate, the image is shown on the left, within that box, and it's centered in the picture with a border-- looks great. I then have to pick a paper size that I'm using. So if I put in 13x19, for instance, the image will then print at 13x19-- not at the original 11x14 size that I initially chose in the GIMP-- but only at 13x19. This is true regardless of what image size I specified in GIMP. It will ONLY print at the paper size I mark in print mode. AND, even though I check "Center Image," and the image to the left looks centered, it will ONLY print up at the top edge of the paper and to the left. The printer is always expanding the image to fill the paper/transparency size.

The only way I can find to currently get around this, is by putting that image back into GIMP, and make a sort of artificial border as part of the image file. This gave me a border-- didn't center it, but gave me a border to work with. Still, for whatever size print or transparency I want, I have to put that size in for my paper size. If I wanted an 11x14, then I have to choose that for my paper size, even though I may be using 13x19 paper.

This is the main problem I'm having. If you know some way of getting images to print at the requested image size (without going through this convoluted mess), and having them centered again-- I would be forever grateful. :)

Let me know if this is still confusing.

Thanks, Dan.