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Re: Mac OS X Leopard (Re: new problem)

Hi Dan,

I'm clueless. Can you explain why printing straight from Preview is printing "to a lowest common denominator?" What are the limitations? I know of none.

To be honest, I very rarely make digital prints. When I have done-- most recently a fairly large number of prints on Hahnemuhle paper on the 3800-- they were quite stunning (if I do say so myself). :) They're large files; they print just as I see them on my screen (both in color and in b&w), and they turn out beautifully. I never had an issue with Tiger and the 3800. It all ran smooth as silk. Nevertheless, I mostly use the 3800 for digital negatives. I was using an Epson 2200 (which I still have) before I got the 3800. I also had no problem with that printer, nor with printing capability or quality.

I would be curious to know, though, why you think think I've "handicapped" myself? Under Tiger and under Leopard, I scale the image directly in GIMP; I then put it in Preview to print. (I do so, because I cannot print to the 3800 directly from the GIMP. Don't ask me why.)

Once again, under Tiger, I had no problem with centering the image, nor with image size/paper size. I do now with Leopard. My guess is, if you're not having these same problems, you may be printing from a different Epson driver than the beta driver Epson currently offers the public (from their site) for use with Leopard. I cannot imagine that the Epson 3800 and Leopard only work correctly with Photoshop. Is that what you're saying?

Also, how would "professional level image scaling" in Photoshop differ from that in Preview? I'm not talking about making any other corrections-- just image-scaling. I would love to know how that differs-- or rather, why you think it's more "professional" to scale in Photoshop than in Preview. (Not being flippant here-- just honestly curious.)

If this is too off-topic for people, feel free to write off-list.

Thanks again.



On Feb 6, 2008, at 7:17 PM, Dan Burkholder wrote:

Hi Diana,

I'm a bit confused. Why would you assign any serious printing to a lowest common denominator application like Preview? Can't you print from Gimp? Between Gimp and Preview, it would seem you've handicapped yourself and introduced the potential for problems. I'm not trying to be critical, just outlining some things that might be giving you grief. I can't speak to why you might have had good results with this combo in Tiger, but I'm not having any 3800 problems printing from Photoshop with Leopard so I'm at a loss.

I just printed a .psd file from Preview (there's a first time for everything) and it printed exactly as it appeared in the preview box (in the print dialog). True, you will not get professional- level image scaling in Preview but one can easily make it fit any page size you specify. My image printed exactly centered. Maybe I'm just lucky or something.

Sorry for not being able to help; maybe someone else who uses Gimp and Preview can chime-in with suggestions.