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Re: SPE and alt update

"As long as those photopolymers are based on monomers like acrylamide etc.,
the "non-toxicity" seems at least questionable..."


"maybe questionable... but having used the acids and other chemicals
for the
etching of metal plates, I feel much better about just using water and UV
light to produce
a gravure plate.  I'll never go back to copper for etchings.  The delicate
detail and smooth
gradations of even tone I can achieve with polymer plates more than
satisfies my aesthetic
needs for my work, whether I'm etching from a line drawing or a continuous
tone positive.


Agreed. Speaking of non-toxicity in the case of these photopolymers is
simply a bit of an overstatement. As long as they're not polymerized (by
light or heat exposure), they're highly reactive ...