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Re: Flattening Paper (was Seeking Information on 2 problems with Gumprocess)

Judy Seigel wrote:

Ironing the print before printing and developing may be part of the problem, because the heat and pressing effect could make something a different texture and shape <<<

That might be true if it weren't for the fact that it did its curling and heaving it all by itself just after soaking in water to dry it and shrink it -- so as it was -- it needed severe flattening before I could even coat it for the first time. Hence my search for info.

Judy, thanks so much for your ruminations-- I loved them. And, yes, right off the bat I always hung this stuff up to dry. And, have discovered since I addressed the list, that if I slap a very thin and flat plastic ruler on the back at the top of the wet sheet and clothespin the paper across the top and do likewise at the bottom with another thin ruler, the hills and valleys are significantly less.

I'm going to get another cheapie ruler and cut it in half for the sides.

HOWEVER, I have just this minute come down from the attic where I had stored (for 25 years) what is now probably $200-$300 worth of Fabriano paper that I bought when I was doing intaglio work and letterpress work. I had stored it well and it is in fine condition. I can't wait to try it!

I was careful not to drool on it as I was sifting through it!