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RE: Flattening Paper (was Seeking Information on 2 problems with Gumprocess)

Current Fabriano Artistico is my all time favorite for gum. WHen hanged with two clothespins attached to a coat hanger it dries perfectly flat in sheets from 22x30 to 8x10. There is some light curl from size or gum layers, but otherwise flat.

> Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 19:16:30 -0400
> From: cadunn@vt2000.com
> Subject: Re: Flattening Paper (was Seeking Information on 2 problems with Gum process)
> To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
> Judy Seigel wrote:
> Ironing the print before printing and developing may be part of
> the problem, because the heat and pressing effect could make
> something a different texture and shape <<<
> That might be true if it weren't for the fact that it did its
> curling and heaving it all by itself just after soaking in water
> to dry it and shrink it -- so as it was -- it needed severe
> flattening before I could even coat it for the first time. Hence
> my search for info.
> Judy, thanks so much for your ruminations-- I loved them. And,
> yes, right off the bat I always hung this stuff up to dry. And,
> have discovered since I addressed the list, that if I slap a very
> thin and flat plastic ruler on the back at the top of the wet
> sheet and clothespin the paper across the top and do likewise at
> the bottom with another thin ruler, the hills and valleys are
> significantly less.
> I'm going to get another cheapie ruler and cut it in half for the
> sides.
> HOWEVER, I have just this minute come down from the attic where I
> had stored (for 25 years) what is now probably $200-$300 worth of
> Fabriano paper that I bought when I was doing intaglio work and
> letterpress work. I had stored it well and it is in fine
> condition. I can't wait to try it!
> I was careful not to drool on it as I was sifting through it!
> Clair

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