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Re: new subject line about ...... aaaggghhh!!!! ...."consensus'!

On Wed, 7 May 2008, Sandy King wrote:

But it sure turns me on when you talk that gum pigment test trash!
It's difficult to tell in advance what's going to turn some men on... I mean (supposedly) GROWN MEN ! (If only Elliot Spitzer had been so easy to excite, we might have saved a governor !) In this case, apparently, the thrill is an authoritative woman! Professionals say this particular fetish stems from early childhood (tho I daresay most of them do) and follows some fairly predictable patterns, even stereotypes.

Sorry, I don't have any handcuffs, trusses, whips, etc, on hand, tho I do have a variety of powerful test strips. More helpfully for your problem, however, permit me to suggest a few references. What immediately comes to mind of course is Havelock Ellis: "Psychopathia Sexualis." You may not have it on your shelf -- in which case, try Google. Plus of course other, more recent references, for instance..... Oh, check Charles Brenner, Socarides, Wilhelm Reich, Harry Stack Sullivan, Ernst Kris... etc. (Though consensus remains that the basic insights were Freud's, the name itself continues to terrify some psychopaths.)

In any event, given some competent therapy and sincere effort on the part of the patient, chances are good for, not necessarily complete cure, but personal growth toward -- the technical term is "maturity."