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RE: dreamy Nikon lenses


I don't know the answer to question 1, but IMO Photoshop can't substitute
for  the soft focus effects that those kind of lenses can produce, though I
wouldn't be surprised to discover that there is a plugin that could emulate
soft focus effects. 

This thread has reminded me of the wonderful soft focus look that the old
Kodak 305mm lens can produce, not to mention all of the swirlly artifacts
that the old time brass lenses can produce.

In the end it's all a mater of taste and preference.

Don Bryant

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I am compelled to admit that 99 7/10ths of this lens talk is Greek to me, 
but it does bring two questions to mind:

1. Who remembers the name of the photographer who did lovely portraits 
with an antique long lens in probably the '90s.  He was quite well known 
at the time, and I'd recognize his name (probably).

2.  Supposedly CS2 (or now 3) can do anything you or they or I can do 
better.... for instance it supposedly has a filter that will fake 
increasing background blur, to compensate for short focal length of the 
digital camera.  Wouldn't/shouldn't it have a soft-focus filter?

At the very least !?