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RE: Windows Vista, not quite alt

In case the list isn't aware, CS4 will have 64bit available but only on
Windows. Seems that Mac through them a curve with their API's and Adobe's
not too worried about addressing it right away. Note that I've been running
XP x64 since it first became available. Excellent software. Based on Server
2003. That said I've finally made the jump to Vista x64 and sincerely doubt
I'll be going back.


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If you really want to delve into 64bit bitmap editing, you could run
gimpshop on a 64bit mac or on a 64bit linux system.  There is a windows
version, but I don't think its a 64bit version.

Gimpshop is hack of gimp (www.gimp.org) set up to mimic the dialog,
interface & terminology of photoshop. 


I've  never used  gimpshop though - can't comment on how it works.