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Re: Fish Eyes again

In north eastern California is what is now the world's largest flyway: the Pacific Flyway. The 'other' flyway (a migration path for birds) WAS in Russia but the Russians have devastated the area unfortunately. So this area here in CA, somewhat remote, but gorgeous, has literal hundreds of thousands of birds on
their annual migration. Oregon is right there. Like throw a rock and that's Oregon. In Oregon the state controls the liquor so there is just a fixed price
and certain times to buy booze. Over at Hatfield, on Stateline Road, is a market. Whew, do they have stacks and stacks of booze. Everclear too.
As I remember 1.75 liters of Knob Creek was under $30. That's the spot to buy EverClear folks.

And, yes, I saw umpteen scrillion Candian and White-Fronted geese, Bald Eagles by the dozens, as well as th elovely Ruddy duck, and oh I could
go on . . . but, gee Everclear. Yeaup, that's the spot.

Jack F

On Sep 16, 2008, at 8:16 PM, Mark Nelson wrote:

Just tell the clerk that you are picking up a couple of gallons for your sisters.

Now Judy, that clerk at the liqour store could be a doctoral candidate working his/her way through school!

Mark Nelson
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On Sep 16, 2008, at 9:31 PM, "Christina Z. Anderson" <zphoto@montana.net > wrote:

LOLOL this is the quirkiest thread I have seen on this list in a looonnngggg time. Nice to know we all still have our senses of humor, especially in this financial crisis of a time.

I thank all of you for offering such FINE advice on how to buy Everclear in a liquor store--how to walk in proudly, head held high, licking my lips in anticipation for one mighty fine drink. Next time I think I am going to do the two GALLON thing that Kerik's wife does.

Lemmetellya, growing up with an alcoholic mother and having two alcoholic sisters makes the thought of buying Everclear a bit....distasteful. But, now, a fine bottle of Boodles gin or Grey Goose vodka or a Malbec wine, hmmmm...priceless. I'll be sure to wear my...lipstick when purchasing.
PS and Judy, how did you remember I own an AK47??
PPS MARK the thought of you sitting at the table in a garter belt is a bit much for these eyes :)
PPPS No WONDER that guy wants off the list!

Christina Z. Anderson
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I am shocked, I mean SHOCKED, that any woman in this year of 1928-- oops I mean 2008 -- would give a rat's whisker what a CLERK in a LIQUOR STORE (who sells rotgut to drunks or overpriced wine to nouveaux riches for a living) thought of their purchase -- morning, noon or night. Not to mention that permitting the real or imagined (attitude? sneer?) to intimidate intensifies their power. They'll know if you're embarrassed, confirming that you SHOULD be embarrassed and/or that women are wimps.(Or the joy of sadism.) These are guys SELLNG THE STUFF, for heaven's sake. (They probably flunked 8th grade.)

Suggestion: Walk in wearing your pointiest-toed 6-inch spike heels, most seductive decolletage, with your AK47 slung over one shoulder and ammo belt hung low. Tell them you need some Everclear in a hurry because the posse is waiting, but you'll be back for something more suitable in time for the after party.