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Re: Oil and "Photographie Synthetique"

Good heavens, NO. I take typewritten notes! AND I make sure to give credit where credit is due--which is to say I credit you for that find.

And then, of course, your mention, Judy, on this list a while back of its appearing in V. 7 of the Self Instructing Library of Practical Photography in 1909.
Ooops, I think I, we, all of us need to watch ourselves around you -- I'd totally forgotten that. (Are you sure you're not wasting your talents in alt???) If you *remembered* that, please don't tell me. I prefer to believe you indexed the archive...

At this point I plan maybe 2 or 3 more citations, because I get the feeling it's a lot like gum, that is, the principles hold, but there's not just one way, rather many ways, preferences (on for instance brushes and pigments) vary, and people work out or fall into their own techniques anyway....