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Re: ferric oxalate

I haven't done this myself yet, but the Arentz book says 15g ferric oxalate, 1g oxalic acid, 55ml H2O at 150 degrees F.
It says continuous mixing and reheating may be required...
I'm sure there's a guide on the Bostick and Sullivan site...or just call them!
Good luck...
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Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 1:13 PM
Subject: Re: ferric oxalate

Oh, lord no. Not for a minute would I attempt to make anything from scratch-- except maybe a pound cake.
No,  I'm just trying to mix up the ferric oxalate powder with distilled water and would like to know the amounts to use-- water to powder, and can you ever heat the water too much?  Just having a hard time here, so wonder if I'm doing something wrong (as usual).

Thanks, Neal.


On Nov 10, 2008, at 4:06 PM, Neal Wilson wrote:

You are trying to make Ferric Oxalate from scratch?  I've always been told this was a difficult process because of the compound's instability.  There are detailed instructions at http://e.neilsen.home.att.net/FerricOxalate.html   I've read again and again that this was something to buy rather make because of the time it takes and that the relative cost savings is neglible.
Did I misunderstand your question?

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> Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 15:59:27 -0500
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> Subject: ferric oxalate
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> I'm trying to mix up some ferric oxalate, from powder, for use in pt/ 
> pd printing. Can someone detail their formula for me, for mixing 
> this thoroughly?
> Thanks.
> Diana