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RE: ferric oxalate

Mix in the usual brown bottle.
It will require brief reheats and continuous agitiation until it looks creamy in the bottle. (to me it looks like a heavy cream through the brown of the bottle.). Don't expect it to clear quickly.

Leave overnight and it should clear (you don't have to heat it overnight. 

No different than mixing up a drypack from B&S except you have to measure out the chemicals.

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10 Kasım 2008, Pazartesi, 11:13 pm tarihinde, Diana Bloomfield yazmış:
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It takes some time (and patience). IIRC, adding a little bit oxalic acid
and EDTA facilitates dissolution (and clearing). I mixed FO w/o any
additives before for Kallitype printing, I was leaving the sludgy mix
overnight to find it was completely clear in the morning. (B&S FO BTW...)

Hope this helps,