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On Wed, 18 Feb 2009, BOB KISS wrote:

	Please note that my negs (as shown in the subject box) are 17X22
inches and the largest version of 2914CP is 16 inches wide.  Won't do the
job.  Any other suggestions at Gaylord???
Bob, for all I know, Gaylord could have changed their entire catalog, system, design, the days in the week and the metric system while my back was turned -- but I'll describe the cover that came to hand in my studio -- and wonder if the problem isn't in their description:

The cover I pulled from the top of the pile (and pretty much my standard) is MARKED as follows: "Heavy Duty Adjustable Book Jacket Cover," with some undeciphered instructions for folding into a book jacket. That's Gaylord # 3012, and is marked "For Books 10 1/2 " to 12" high."

HOWEVER, the clear transparent top sheet is 13-1/4 inch deep and 19-1/2 " wide, meaning that a negative placed face down on it has the emulsion side covered for those dimensions. The back or bottom, opaque, sheet is the seme length, but only 9-3/4 " deep... I have no idea why, or how you fold it to actually cover a book, but the operative part, the 13-1/4 by 19-1/2 dimension is plenty big enough for most of my negs, which are rarely more than 16 by 20.

I do have some larger, but didn't right now lay hands on them (I'll look ASAP) -- but my main point here is that the dimensions in their catalog are for book sizes, where I assume some FOLDING is involved.... so the big cover sheet of their 2941 CP may in fact have a much wider top sheet.

As noted, the bottom opaque sheet (probably not part of the jacket?) is the same in the long dimension, but shorter in the shorter dimension -- which doesn't matter because, (1) you can still tuck the negative into that "folder" and (2) pick the sandwich up without getting finger prints on it and (3) arrange the stack alphabetically (or numerically, according to your system) for easy access, and (4) slip one (or more out) without fear of scratching, even (5) leave out on the counter, table, light box, bed, or wherever (even re-title and re-file) without fear of damage. In fact the thought of stacking negatives large OR small, with nothing between them gives me the chills -- even though a printed scratch in a gum print is no big deal to spot. A scratch on a neg for pt-pd, is probably the end of civilisation...

So you might check with Gaylord about the actual acreage covered by that
item before folding...

Or that's what I think of now...