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Re: gum question

I've used them all, Paul, and have had no problem with any gum ever. The only one I don't buy is the Winsor Newton little teeny bottle of ultraclear gum that costs $8.

I've used the dark gum and the light gum and I prefer the lighter color just because when I mix it, it doesn't influence the pigment color that much--that is what B and S sells as well as D. Smith as well as Artcraft Chemicals or other places when I mix it from the powder. It is light caramel colored instead of coffee colored. But I had a leftover gallon of the coffee colored stuff and used that until it ran out with nary a problem.

I know others in the list are not necessarily in agreement with this.

My next will be to try the "tears" kind, have not done that yet, just because mixing gum from powder is so easy in my blender and so instant.

Christina Z. Anderson
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Subject: gum question

Is there any big difference btw the different gums...? (performance-wise, that is...)

I mean, for starting out, can I just get some of the B&S stuff, or is there a huge reason I should get the Daniel Smith?



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And I just received my gallon of Daniel Smith gum that only cost me about $6 a pint and I feel really good about that, too!