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Re: gum question - thanks!

Thanks Don and Chris...

Yes, the archives are amazing, and since there is so much there, I thought I'd ask that quick question...thakns for the answers.

I'm thinking about doing some gum over pt/pd prints and wanted to dip my toes in the water...as if I need another process!!!

Somebody stop me...


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The B&S gum works fine and comes in powdered form. I believe the Daniel
Smith gum comes premixed in solution though I can't recall what viscosity
their gum is mixed at.

I mix my gum in a drink blender dedicated to that purpose with a little
thymol to work as a preservative. This is the method passed on to me by our
own resident gum mastress Chris Anderson.

You may wish to spend some time searching the alt list archives for this
topic. There have been tons of posts made over the years discussing and
re-dicussing and re-discussing this topic. It's a worth while search though
as there are lots of great nuggets of information to be found posted by the
old masters here on the list.

Don Bryant

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Subject: gum question

Is there any big difference btw the different gums...? (performance-wise,
that is...)

I mean, for starting out, can I just get some of the B&S stuff, or is there
a huge reason I should get the Daniel Smith?



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And I just received my gallon of Daniel Smith gum that only cost me about
$6 a pint and I feel really good about that, too!