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Re: Printing in white on black (was Re: First print on Al

24 Mart 2009, Salı, 3:52 am tarihinde, Judy Seigel yazmış:
> ...
> However, I have turned both heavy paper and matboard from white to black,
> which was (at least then) very easy -- two coats (dry pigment-black in gum
> and dichromate -- little if any testing because it worked fine right off),
> each coat exposed hard and soaked til the dichromate seemed gone (wash
> water will stay pretty clear). After 2nd coat, flatten (I did it between
> blotters under glass under weights). Granted, I didn't print anything
> fancy... tho I dare hope... (Wouldn't it be great to have our negs arrive
> full blown, like Venus from the brow of Zeus ?
> ...
> PPS: I used dry pigment, not only for economy, but because I could get the
> black REALLY dense without all the fillers and other agents in tube
> colors.

Thanks for the suggestion! I tried this before with little practice. But
that wasn't with dry pigments + the black coating was a little bit on the
thick side + I'm not sure if I exposed it enough.

Will try again with dry pigments / longer exposure. Or better, just came
into my mind; will darken the white paper with china ink! That may give
better results, since the pigment particles are very fine and the ink is
much darker than what I can achieve with one or two gum layes. And that
would be much much faster. Is china ink waterproof? (Not a big deal if it
isn't -> I can stain the paper first, then add hardened gelatin on top of