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Re: Preparing Al sheets; other factors

Dear Loris,
Just for the record:
After coating with 'the beer method' and drying, there is a faint
white powdery layer on the surface.
Just rinsing with water under the tap to get rid of it, let it dry ,
and it is the aluminum surface again.

On 25 mrt 2009, at 14:37, Loris Medici wrote:

Dear Henk,

25 Mart 2009, Çarşamba, 3:25 pm tarihinde, henk thijs yazmış:
On 25 mrt 2009, at 13:40, Loris Medici wrote:

I asked to my chemicals supplier about waterglass; they have liquid
(something around 20-30%)... Is the addition of NaOH strictly
Loris, i have no idea, i am just a simple gum printer; the recipe
comes via a former list member (Klaus Pollmeier) from an old german
I just used it as written; the beer was pilsener , a 6 percent german
Ok, pilsener is fine :) Will do exactly as it is written...

Just another thing: the reason i tried aluminum was the 'silvery
shining', so in order to avoid the sanding -lost of shining-  i used
the toothpaste, in a way a 'pumice' or?
The other thing is that for me the real 'silver shine' was obtained
with 'kitchen aluminum' (i mean the stuff used in the kitchen to wrap
things :-).
Thanks, so the surface isn't white as shown in the reproductions in
acticle but silvery? Or did you do something else to get the white

If I get a transparent surface with beer + waterglass then I will
look for
white dibond... (Thanks for the idea... Michael?)