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Re: green-yellow

That one below was a very nice explanation Alberto thanks!

On the other hand your "plausible" explanation to my original "why green?
(whereas I always find it to be yellow)" question contradicts to my
knowledge on how printer works; printer has ink limits and to my knowledge
the printer will never put more ink on a spot (area if you like) when
printing with more than one inks. The limit is set and constant, whether
you use a single ink or a combination of inks... This is the background of
my question -> I'm not into colors and such but trying to figure out what
is happening ink-wise and why others report contradictory (to mines)
findings whereas my findings are consistent with 3 different printers
using 3 different inksets.

Maybe there's a chemical reaction when inks merge increasing the number of
double bonds available per given area - who knows?

Anyway, we can continue or not -> I'm indifferent. The primary purpose is
to (being able to) make prints, the rest is mere rhetoric... (But can be
also enriching sometimes!)


11 Nisan 2009, Cumartesi, 8:34 pm tarihinde, Alberto Novo yazmış:
> ...
> What I was trying to say in my previous post was that it is a nonsense to
> infer a UV absorption from the visible color of a pigmented matter,
> whatever
> it is. All the arguments about complementary colors (yellow/blue,
> red/magenta, etc) hold only in the visible range. UV absorption of an
> organic molecule relies mostly to the presence of double bonds. How many
> they are -and their UV absorption- is almost independent on the visible
> color: you can have a perfecly transparent substance in the visible range
> which is UV opaque. A factor 30 sun oil is not black, only perhaps very
> faint yellow...
> I don't know what molecules are in the inks the different printers and
> their
> different models use, but considering also the additives that certainly
> are
> in the inks, there are many reasons for believing they all are different
> enough.