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non-VOC size was part of muddy gum print--help?

	Thanks for the many helpful replies.  I've split my answer in two
parts--one about color balance and this one about size.
	I have bought a bottle of Gamblin PVA.  Please send instructions for
use--do I use it straight?  Diluted?  How much?  Will I need to make new
exposure times and curves (probably yes).
	I tried spray starch with catastrophic results.  You can see it along with
my non-sized most recent failure at   http://ryberg.zoomshare.com.  I used
Niagara Original aerosol--sprayed till wet, brushed off foam and let dry.
Once before each layer.  The image not only printed grainy and more pale, it
also stained badly.  Send instructions if I'm doing it wrong--Please.	Ah,
gum plus dichromate as a size.  Such face validity.  So obviously right.
But I can't make it work at all.  Short scale--uneven color. If it works for
you, please send detailed instructions.
	Dicromated Gelatin.  I found Marek's post about this after his comment.  It
looks good and I'll try it if the Gamblin PVA doesn't work out for me.
Thanks for your time and help.  Charles   Portland Oregon