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Re: Artists' tape

I have part of a roll left of the artist's white tape and have been
wondering what I'll do when it runs out (if all life's dilemmas could be
like this!). A few options I've found:

*  Blue painters' tape (Scotch, I think), which is more tacky but comes up
cleanly if not left on too long. 

*  Collage artist Jonathan Talbot sells a low-tack artist's tape, but its a
bit pricey. His web site says its from 3M; see:

*  Daniel Smith sells an artist tape, but I've never used it so can't say
what its like. 

*  I've heard of people using gaffer's tape, which is tacky but comes up
cleanly. Again, haven't tried it. 

Best, David.

> etienne garbaux wrote:
>> Alas, my last roll of the old Scotch white artists' tape is all but 
>> gone, the core so ratty the part number is no longer legible.  I know it

>> was discontinued years ago (does anybody remember the part number?)  I 
>> believe Scotch still makes a white artist's tape, but last I knew it's 
>> not the same as the old stuff.  Nothing else I tried, including Scotch's

>> remaining "artists' tape," even came close.  I was lucky to find a stash

>> of the old stuff tucked away in an out-of-the-way little art supply 
>> store in the late '80s or early '90s, but now I'm out.
>> What artists' tapes do people use and like now?
>> Thanks, etienne