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Re: Artists' tape

Morning everyone...

I use 3m blue low-tack painter's tape...and here's what I do. I pull off a piece and stick it on my clothes (clean, of course, no pet hairs) a few times. It's ready to go and will pull off cleanly. I use it for a lot of things in the darkroom, but esp like it for delineating the edges of pt/pd prints before coating. Perfectly clean edge lines...and after the coating dries it comes right off, slap your neg on, another tiny piece or two to hold the paper with the neg, and voila! No more messing around with rubylith...I love the stuff!


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I have part of a roll left of the artist's white tape and have been
wondering what I'll do when it runs out (if all life's dilemmas could be
like this!). A few options I've found:

* Blue painters' tape (Scotch, I think), which is more tacky but comes up
cleanly if not left on too long.

* Collage artist Jonathan Talbot sells a low-tack artist's tape, but its a
bit pricey. His web site says its from 3M; see:

* Daniel Smith sells an artist tape, but I've never used it so can't say
what its like.

* I've heard of people using gaffer's tape, which is tacky but comes up
cleanly. Again, haven't tried it.

Best, David.

etienne garbaux wrote:
Alas, my last roll of the old Scotch white artists' tape is all but
gone, the core so ratty the part number is no longer legible.  I know it

was discontinued years ago (does anybody remember the part number?)  I
believe Scotch still makes a white artist's tape, but last I knew it's
not the same as the old stuff.  Nothing else I tried, including Scotch's

remaining "artists' tape," even came close.  I was lucky to find a stash

of the old stuff tucked away in an out-of-the-way little art supply
store in the late '80s or early '90s, but now I'm out.

What artists' tapes do people use and like now?

Thanks, etienne