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My B.F.A. class of '57 had only 13 students with one woman and whose daughter, many years later, I had as a student.

Being only 13 in the class, it was almost one-on-one with the faculty - Ralph Hattersley, Minor White & Beaumont Newhall.
Classes that small no longer exist...unfortunately ....

terry lindquist

On May 13, 2009, at 9:44 AM, james romeo wrote:

Hi Judy
AMTRAK is great but you would need at lest a overnight
Not like the good old day's when it was the new York Central rail
Than there was all the bus line you could get from all the small towns to the big city like Rochester.
RIT than was right in the center of the city no campus.
Than there farther Kodak huge than.
At the start of the year Kodak gave a lunch and a big tour of Kodak for the freshmen.
Students got large discounts on film and paper.
We all started with large format.
MY class was over 100 students one woman in it few women were in photography
That is changed now wish it was like that than.
On May 12, 2009, at 11:21 PM, Judy Seigel wrote:

On Tue, 12 May 2009, james romeo wrote:

Have a good trip
Eastman House is great
I went to RIT back 1953 and I come from that part of the world Seneca Falls woman rights
I was up there last July for 55 year school reunion
I go up now and than.
I go up not air use AMTRAK great trip up the Hudson and west central NY
Better than air comfort ,lot to see,keep your shoe on and you do not have to go as far uptown to get the train
james Romeo
Hi James ! NOW YOU TELL ME !!! (Tho that's good to know on general principles.)

For this trip, however, I probably prefer plane: up and back the same day -- 9:30 AM flight up and 7:30 PM back... tho due to personal error, I had to change the day from Tuesday to Wednesday, giving Jet Blue another $50 for the accomodation... (grrrr...)

I also, in the long ago, had a couple of lovely visits to Rochester (including Eastman House). The Visual Studies Workshop had a great workshop, for which we stayed in an RIT or U of Rochester dorm (for $30) and either that event or another had a wonderful, cruel, delicious course with Nathan Lyons. This time, as noted, I will seek the opportunity to give Eastman House a piece of my mind (little as I can spare it) -- What kind of bubble are they in that they know NOTHING except thruway ?

Maybe it's NYC-centric to demand mention of transport from here... So let them cite what reaches Rochester (train, plane, et al), & we fill in details. Did I mention that I was annoyed to find elaborate detailed instructions for car only? (The front page of today's NY Times, incidentally, reports on a German suburb with no cars allowed, only bicycles and feet... If residents want a car they can buy garage space on the outskirts for $40,000.)

I can, BTW, take the A train to and from Kennedy -- it transfers to or becomes "the train to the plane." (And I read in the NY Times Science Section today that we ancients can tolerate sleep deprivation better than our juniors... Do I know anything not explained in the Times? I'll let you know.)