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Re: Casein vs. gum

Can't speak about casein+acrylic but, as I understand it, the binder
itself is not clear(ish) like gum. Therefore I expect to get more opaque
layers with casein (especially so when combined with the potential of
using a lot of pigment) -> quite the opposite of gum. Analogy would be
gouache painting (casein) vs. watercolor painting (gum)... And what I saw
up today (all web representations) seems to support my theory. OTOH, I
could be completely wrong -> I'll see how it goes for me soon.


26 Mayıs 2009, Salı, 6:24 pm tarihinde, Guido Ceuppens yazmış:
> Marek,
> Casein printing gives "different" results than gum, it seems (to me)
> that it is possible to print with more pigment without the fear of
> flaking so it is possible to get quit colourfull results especialy
> when used with acrylic paint. It also is more sensitive (again, for
> me).
> Best,
> Guido
> 2009/5/26 Marek Matusz <marekmatusz@hotmail.com>:
>>  All,
>> Palladium on vellum keeps me quite busy and I am not quite ready to jump
>> into another process, but the casein tread got me thinking. One aspect
>> of
>> gum printing, that I was never happy with is to try to emulate very thin
>> watercolour washes. When you put thin watercolour layers and mixes on
>> paper
>> the color is crisp and luminous. A weakly pigmented gum layer is dull to
>> the
>> eye. Perhaps another pigment carrier (like casein) might do better in
>> this
>> aspect.
>> Any comments from experienced casein users?
>> Marek
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