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Re: pt/pd mounting > not gum related


> But  this may explain something I couldn't understand before.
> Several years ago I bought a platinum print from a gallery in the
> nearest big city, and was disgusted when I got it home to find that
> the print itself was backed by plain grey cardboard,  held in the
> frame with masking tape (especially since the photographer's bio said
> she was a professor at one of the regional colleges and, I thought,
> should know better). I completely took the print apart and rematted
> and backed it with my own archival materials, before hanging it.  But
> maybe she was a victim of this "myth" that acid board is GOOD for
> platinum, and thought she was doing the right thing by giving it a
> nice acid board to provide it with the acid it needs.

This is exactly why I asked the question to begin with.  I've seen and
heard of this being done before, which is why I didn't reject the idea
immediately after hearing it.  My common sense tells me exactly what the
list has been saying: the higher the pH the better.  But the fact that
professionals preach (and practice) matting pt/pd prints on acidic board
put some doubt in my mind.

Camden Hardy