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Pablo Picasso's sculptures got x-rayed

       I have a close friend , who while growing up  at  about 13 years old
,  his father bought him a portable military surplus X-RAY machine.  My
friend Charlie thought this was the greatest thing since white rice, began
to x-Ray everything..... His hands, feet, lawnmower, light bulbs, bugs, dead
birds, and on and on........ He has a incredible collection of negatives of
these images and I think they would look fantastic printed out......
      Needless to say, my friend turned out to be a total  psychotic nerd 35
years later and is  under a doctors care  ( It isn't his fault with a father
that would buy his kid a portable x-Ray machine.) ..... I would imagine he
has some radiation poisioning,  along with mercury exposure as well as a
host of other  health and mental  issues related to  handling all sorts of
chemicals and hard core science experiments he played with  in his youth..
One of his favorite tricks was  identifying chemicals by taste.....

John Cremati