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Re: Pablo Picasso's sculptures got x-rayed

I think I know some people like that, except they get dichromate instead
of x-ray... hehehe.

I heard that, when radiography started at Massachusetts General
Hospital, people were taking x-ray movies of themselves dancing around
in x-ray. Obviously they didn't know the danger of high energy
radiation. I'm waiting for the day I can watch them on youtube...

I also know one professor who took an x-ray movie of his head while
phonating simple syllables (I think it was done in Sweden). It's old
enough to record sound in a separate system from filming, but obviously
they didn't use a clapperboard for x-ray... they tossed a coin on a hard

On Mon, 25 Sep 2006 17:34:42 -0400, "John Cremati" <johnjohnc@core.com>
>        I have a close friend , who while growing up  at  about 13 years
>        old
> ,  his father bought him a portable military surplus X-RAY machine.  My
> friend Charlie thought this was the greatest thing since white rice,
> began
> to x-Ray everything..... His hands, feet, lawnmower, light bulbs, bugs,
> dead
> birds, and on and on........ He has a incredible collection of negatives
> of
> these images and I think they would look fantastic printed out......
>       Needless to say, my friend turned out to be a total  psychotic nerd
>       35
> years later and is  under a doctors care  ( It isn't his fault with a
> father
> that would buy his kid a portable x-Ray machine.) ..... I would imagine
> he
> has some radiation poisioning,  along with mercury exposure as well as a
> host of other  health and mental  issues related to  handling all sorts
> of
> chemicals and hard core science experiments he played with  in his
> youth..
> One of his favorite tricks was  identifying chemicals by taste.....
> John Cremati