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Re: brush vs tray size for gum

Common sense told you right! ;-) Yes, there is no movement of the metal rod inside the tube. My inicial idea was to fit the ends of the metal rod in holes on the ends of a Y-shaped handle, to make the whole glass roll freely - just like the rubber roll thatīs used to make Polaroid Transfers. But, as itīs already working, and Iīm not using it so much these days, Iīll finish it later.

Camden Hardy escreveu:

Thanks for posting that. Next chance I get I'll give it a try.

This may be a stupid question, but I can't tell based on the images. Is
the metal rod sealed to the glass tube, or does it allow the tube to roll
like a rolling pin? Common sense tells me it's sealed (resulting in no
movement), but just wanted to make sure.

Camden Hardy