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I think Framemaker would have been perfect for composing and laying out Post-Factory, or any other magazine or book or manual, no red dots or bouncing rectangles. Superficially, it looks like a word processor, but with sophisticated style sheets that, once you get into is wonderful. And these days you can do some trick stuff with web publishing, etc.

InDesign I never tried, heard it wasn't all it could be. I also used Quark for advertisements since it was the only electronic form accepted by all the computer rags at the time, it was pretty good. I suspect that if Adobe wanted to kill Pagemaker, which certainly deserved to die, it was because the code was old and patched to high heaven, very hard to maintain.

I have this affection for well written software, there's so damn little of it out there, and hate to see it maligned. Thanks for your retraction. I also have this thing about poorly written, buggy, software like that produced by MS, for which I have nothing but disdain. It's hard to believe they call themselves professionals at anything besides brutish business practices.


Judy Seigel wrote:
On Fri, 23 Mar 2007, Pam Niedermayer wrote:

As to Adobe and Framemaker, when they bought Framemaker's owner (too long ago to remember the particulars), I begged them not to wreck Framemaker. Three years ago I begged Adobe to not kill the Mac version. I think those are the only two things I've ever requested of Adobe. At least they didn't wreck it.
Judy writes:

One moral of this story (among many) is, do not write about technical matters when your mind (or its simulacrum) is elsewhere. Obviously I conflated Framemaker and In Design.... which is not to exculpate either one of them, but does impair discussion.

My only experience with Framemaker was when a then-guru put it on my computer and let all those bouncing red squares & rectangles loose. (That was "Framemaker," no?) My reaction was, I am not the "genius" who could design anything while beset by moving geometry, least of all in red.

And Pam, for all I know either or both of those programs were as fine as you found them -- for your purposes. For my purposes, the one I used (In Design) simply and purely sucked !