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I pulled the frame apart and replaced some old foam rubber that sits under the ribbed bed of the frame with some nicer neoprene. The pressure remained the same throughout - at least on the dial, but who knows? While I wait for my roll of Kreene to arrive I tried using a thin (1mil) sheet of Mylar as you would with Kreene. No more contact problems - at least for now. I'll run some more tests tomorrow just to make sure and keep you updated.



On May 2, 2007, at 8:37 PM, SusanV wrote:

Have you been getting the same measure of vacuum?  Let us know what
you find out.  Hope it's nothing major.

As for trying out the Kreene.. I taped a piece of it to the bottom of
my glass.  The glass on my NuArc is "frameless" and fits into a hinge
at the back of the bed.  Using the Kreene under the glass this way
just relegates it to an "anti-newton" film which seems to be working
for me.  The glass actually still holds the vacuum.