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Re: photopolymer

Hi Keith,

Glad to hear the mylar solved the contact problems for you.
I've actually removed the glass entirely from my contact frame and just have Kreene stretched across it. I thought of trying taping it across the glass, but Harold at Box Car seemed to feel the added effect of the glass + kreene wouldn't be as crisp...or something. In any case, I'm happy with the way it's been working, though removing the glass was a little intimidating at the time.

Also, I was wondering what image/screen/wattage you're using for exposures just out of curiosity...


Keith Taylor wrote:

I pulled the frame apart and replaced some old foam rubber that sits under the ribbed bed of the frame with some nicer neoprene. The pressure remained the same throughout - at least on the dial, but who knows? While I wait for my roll of Kreene to arrive I tried using a thin (1mil) sheet of Mylar as you would with Kreene. No more contact problems - at least for now. I'll run some more tests tomorrow just to make sure and keep you updated.



On May 2, 2007, at 8:37 PM, SusanV wrote:

Have you been getting the same measure of vacuum?  Let us know what
you find out.  Hope it's nothing major.

As for trying out the Kreene.. I taped a piece of it to the bottom of
my glass.  The glass on my NuArc is "frameless" and fits into a hinge
at the back of the bed.  Using the Kreene under the glass this way
just relegates it to an "anti-newton" film which seems to be working
for me.  The glass actually still holds the vacuum.