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Re: photopolymer

Keith... is your mylar glossy?  Remember what we figured out a while
back...  if you get newton rings with it, you can spray it with a fine
coat of clear spray, like Krylon brand or artist fixatives.  Don't use
something that's made for outdoor use 'cause it will have UV blockers.
That may keep you working until you get the Kreene.

good luck,

On 5/3/07, Keith Taylor <taylordow@sprintmail.com> wrote:

I pulled the frame apart and replaced some old foam rubber that sits
under the ribbed bed of the frame with some nicer neoprene. The
pressure remained the same throughout - at least on the dial, but who
knows? While I wait for my roll of Kreene to arrive I tried using a
thin (1mil) sheet of Mylar as you would with Kreene. No more contact
problems - at least for now. I'll run some more tests tomorrow just
to make sure and keep you updated.



On May 2, 2007, at 8:37 PM, SusanV wrote:

> Have you been getting the same measure of vacuum?  Let us know what
> you find out.  Hope it's nothing major.
> As for trying out the Kreene.. I taped a piece of it to the bottom of
> my glass.  The glass on my NuArc is "frameless" and fits into a hinge
> at the back of the bed.  Using the Kreene under the glass this way
> just relegates it to an "anti-newton" film which seems to be working
> for me.  The glass actually still holds the vacuum.

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