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Once the Kreene arrives on Monday I will remove the glass and have a similar setup to you. The Mylar was just a temporary replacement. I've removed the glass once before and had it crack on me, so I know what you mean by intimidating!

I use Dan Welson's screen which is surprisingly fine compared to Elizabeth Dove's. I'm curious to know how fine it is compared to yours. I should send you a piece to compare the two. I have a 5K lamp used in conjunction with an integrator. Before I pulled the frame apart last week and changed the foam pad and started using the Mylar, my exposures were very close to yours. Since the changes however, my exposures have increased, about +20% which isn't a problem. I'm waiting for the Kreene to arrive before I make any more tests though. I'll let you know more next week!


On May 5, 2007, at 4:06 AM, Jon Lybrook wrote:

Hi Keith,

Glad to hear the mylar solved the contact problems for you.
I've actually removed the glass entirely from my contact frame and just have Kreene stretched across it. I thought of trying taping it across the glass, but Harold at Box Car seemed to feel the added effect of the glass + kreene wouldn't be as crisp...or something. In any case, I'm happy with the way it's been working, though removing the glass was a little intimidating at the time.

Also, I was wondering what image/screen/wattage you're using for exposures just out of curiosity...