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Re: slightly OT - dry prints

Hi Judy,
In my lack of knowledge of the english language i thought it stands for 'par example' , most probably it must be 'f.e.', maybe it is better not to use abbreviations as a non-native , or?
Sorry about that, but i think the message is clear , there is still life beyond gum-printing ....
All the best; it is a pity there is no PF10 to explain that all the experience gained by alt-process can be used in the context of new means, and not only for negatives. ( Apart from that , also oil-printing would be a nice item; the info i found wasn't very helpful. Lots of paper basket results before a hallelujah.)
all the best,

On 29 mei 2007, at 21:17, Judy Seigel wrote:

OK Henk, I'll bite, what's p.e. gum printing?


On Tue, 29 May 2007, henk thijs wrote:

Hi, if you coat the papers you normally use for p.e. gum printing like magnani, fabriano, hahnemuehle etc. , with rabbit glue, you would be astonished about the results with pigment ink in the epson-1270-cartridges. Even Awagami unryu prepared for inkjet printing, the results are astonishing ...
And don't forget transfers from inkjet to a 300 grs aqua-paper.
It is all in the game.