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Title: Re: Epson 1400

I don't recommend the Epson 1400. Some months ago I bought one and tested it for digital negative printing. UV blocking is very low.

A better choice in the economy range is the Epson R1800. Another good choice is the HP B9180, especially if you are using Mark Nelson's PDN.

I am still using the Epson 2200, with QTR and a special profile posted to the hybrid forum by Clay.

Sandy King

At 9:12 PM +0000 12/23/07, Marek Matusz wrote:
Thanks to all for responding to my printer question. I got a lot of thumbs up for Epson 3800. It seems to be a printer of chice for many and it definitely has all the pluses of the old 2200. It is a bit precey for me now. Is anybody using Epson 1400? Now I am talking diginegatives only. The printer is much less expensive and it is apparently a replacement of the old workhorse, Epson 1280.

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